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標題: but he has been reluctant to propose appropriate requirements. [打印本頁]

作者: jjhdnens481    時間: 2013-12-18 10:00     標題: but he has been reluctant to propose appropriate requirements.

's Court, formally "nail households" bring a civil action. Waiting for 14 years and then move back to the dream shattered in 1996 fear,moncler homme, there are developers with a takeover of more than 6,000 square meters of land Pearl Road. Lived on the land for many years due to the demolition of about 700 residents moved out of the home,moncler prezzi,, and wait for the developers to build new houses on the land and then moved back to live. Unexpectedly,barbour clothing outlet, followed by the inability to develop lead developer of the land unfinished,,soldes moncler, about 700 residents to move back to Broken Dreams. Since then,magasin hollister france, the city of Guangzhou Real Estate Development Company (hereinafter referred to as the city of the company) went for the unfinished plot to take over the demolition work and intends to re-construction of buildings. But things are not as neighbors wish: As compensation negotiations fail, two years later, there is still a reluctance to move out of households led to delays, causing neighbors to move back to the original plan in 2011 dreams dashed again. May this year, the Land and Housing Bureau to intervene and make a ruling defining "nail households" to move out in 15 days and to pay developers to demolish houses, but he still is a delaying tactic. Neighborhood joint appeal "nail households" reporter linked to the developer on behalf of Zhu lawyer. He told reporters that this year,,louboutin femme, they have been the "nail house" Liaomou consultations and proposed compensation package of four. Including permanent move, move back,moncler bambina, before abandoning production and compensated move back,, but programs are Liaomou not refuse. It is understood that a house divided Liaomou commercial and residential part of the section,mulberry outlet uk, market evaluation price is about 500 million, but the developers have opened to 10 million yuan, Liao has not accepted. In addition,, developers were also purchased a number of residential and commercial for their choice,, costing more than 1,300 yuan,scarpe hogan outlet, he has not yet accepted. Since several unsuccessful negotiations, after the ruling housing authorities,barbour online sale,, they immediately sued in the Yuexiu District Court. Why,boutique louboutin,, then,woolrich online, Mr. Liu has refused to move it  Reporters interviewed on the matter has been reluctant to relocate tenants Liaomou. For the company's proposed move back to the city of methods Liaomou to "what can I move back guarantee" as an excuse to refuse, but he has been reluctant to propose appropriate requirements.

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