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Law enforcement officers immediately conducted a sequestration of these finished products, and photographed the scene forensics.
State making quilts, cotton mattress, pillows,parajumpers gobi, clothing and other household floss have the required standard: You can use six or more of raw cotton or polyester, and mixtures thereof.
Reporters saw on the ground in addition to the waste cotton,hollister sale, there are some rotten batting looks very dirty.
Were combined
"This is the cotton fiber, with cotton farmers planted the ground is not the same class, although you can also make quilts, but this workshop cotton, most of which are recycled, and not clean." Insider told reporters.
bar, came closer, some chemical fiber,hogan shoes, cotton, and are not afraid of the sun and rain.
The air is filled with an odor.
Reporters immediately after taking evidence from the local business sector report, the business sector and soon arrived on the scene, finished the scene were seized, seized the workshop's business dealings books and found a kindergarten in Nanjing bought 6 pounds black cotton, a lot of the rest
poor quality of cotton have been sold to the Nanjing market.
Black Cotton processing products do not meet national GB18383-2001 production requirements,outlet hogan.
Kindergarten also bought black cotton business by law enforcement officers seized a number of the books on site, the reporter opened a book, the purchaser's name, surnamed Li Zhang varies, ranging from multi-unit price of 19 yuan to 50, even how
Looking back, the two sheets of paper on the record sales of the alleged "black cotton" nearly bed quilts.
Because these substances endanger human health disadvantage,parajumpers, so is strictly prohibited for the production and processing of products with wadding.
Law enforcement officers soon arrived on the scene, fifty-six being produced male and female workers Xianshibumiao have slipped from a side door.
According to reports, the workers generally put white and black mixed together and then playing with Dan Mianhua machine, and then the next cylinder pressure with a grind it, is tantamount to renovate again, white is not surprising.
There fifty-six plant folks, is busy production and processing.
In two large machinery on both sides, one side piled on the ground have been completed more than a dozen colorful bed quilt, folded together.
General requirements are not up to being called black cotton.
up to two pieces of paper as much.
There's an invoice, the name is actually issued by an organ of Nanjing, bought the mattress and sheets,hogan, a total price of $ 160.
Black and white flower machine a pressure bomb all white, "this material so dirty, how to make a tire like very white it " Correspondent to the purchaser's identity inquired.
And inside the plant by the side of a mountain of cotton is also mixed with gray clouds of black cotton, which is the workshop production of raw materials.
On the other side, it is a good batting dozen bed,parajumper, casually thrown on the ground.
The reporter Mei Jianming text / photo ■ Black Cotton: the so-called black cotton, with wadding is prohibited materials commonly used.
One side of the room stood two machines, one is weaving machine, a bomb flower machine, there is another two sewing machines,scarpe hogan, one of which is actually a computer program.
"Black Cotton" materials are mostly scraps reporters rushed home Gang Sheng No. 100 xishanqiao streets filled week on the road, on a ramp, you can see an alley next to the facade, with a lot of open dumps in white cotton
Into the plant, is a triangular steel structures shabby studio room, an area of ​​over 100 square meters.
report, the stalls selling alleged "black cotton" product in the investigation.
​​the larger workshops, indeed suspected with black cotton batting for the production of raw materials, blankets, ground stacked finished hundreds of beds,hollister uk, and some have been wrapped up ready for shipment
"It's still a few single supplier, the address is displayed as a stalls Nanjing, a large market in Nanjing,parajumpers outlet, the court may have been sold." Pointing to a recording of the law enforcement team said, because it involves cross-enforcement, they will be up
"Made out of cotton quilt with this quality certainly does not pass, before I came over, go back and who are uncomfortable itching." The insider said.
In the scene, then left still exudes the heat of the machine, and aside piles of finished quilts.
Allowed to bleach or colored; do not allow the use of industrial waste, old cotton, medical and garbage, etc. made of recycled cotton.
In this operation the workshop, the reporter in touch all kinds of raw materials after a short while that the wrist felt unbearably itchy skin.
A look Commerce and Industry here, workers have slipped reporter then this situation will improve Bridge Street to the west by the reflection of Commerce and Industry.
In the streets of Industry and Commerce Xiasuo Chang inspected the scene of the cotton after that, according to the immediate understanding of the situation can be determined, this workshop quilts alleged "black cotton."
The invoice from a book, the reporter found a impressively recorded on the invoice from a kindergarten in Nanjing HomeShop buy 6 pounds black cotton, priced $ 10, a total of 60 dollars.
Black Cotton materials include: fiber industrial waste,scarpe on line, medical waste fibrous materials, recycled fibrous material, used clothing and other waste fiber products.
A small boy said they sold a lot, have not heard of the accident.
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